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Lowell Schneider started FacilityQuest in 2011 to automate career-long ideas and practices of architect John Duvivier, then a Principal at Gensler. Lowell has has presented at IFMA annual conferences and regional monthly gatherings on the topics of facilities management and workplace strategy “in the age of data.” Prior to FacilityQuest, Lowell provided product development leadership to innovative start-ups in the financial, healthcare, and automotive retail industries for companies including Sun Microsystems, Mitsubishi Bank, Wells Fargo, GE Healthcare, and RapidRecon. In addition to software product development, Lowell has taught software development methodology courses to hundreds of engineers and presented at Sybase User Group meetings and other venues. He has helped companies incorporate new technologies such as RFID and Zigbee into real-time information appliances.   Contact Lowell:



Mike’s background is in optimizing operational workflows and procedures for organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of vertical markets, including financial services, manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution. Mike has designed and implemented business processing, workflow, and content management solutions for thousands of users at dozens of in a wide variety of vertical markets. Mike also has over twenty years experience in user interface and interaction design and development, content management system design, development, and implementation, and screencasting. Contact Mike:




Leslie helps FacilityQuest broaden its solutions to partners both in the architecture world and to facilities managers directly. She brings to FacilityQuest her understanding of worker trends via the experience of starting and managing a coworking business–a flexible shared workplace for independent workers (OfficeXpats is now in its 7th year on Bainbridge Island in Washington, and won the Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year award for 2014). She also has a long history with data and automated publishing, which helps with the challenges of distilling volumes of observation data. Contact Leslie:


Katrina’s experience as a workplace strategist began while working as a workplace designer and consulting analyst with Gensler in San Francisco. Since relocating to Copenhagen, Denmark, she has continued to explore the relationships between human activities and space through a masters in applied cultural analysis, with a specialization studying light as a social phenomenon in the learning environment. In her work with FacilityQuest, Katrina enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to bring together big data and qualitative studies to create rich and meaningful analysis of space addressing concrete workplace problems. Contact Katrina:


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In 2010, founder Lowell Schneider built a SAAS solution based on the practices of architect John Duvivier to facilitate observer-based utilization surveys. This solution evolved into FacilityQuest in 2011.

John Duvivier was then a Principal at the internationally-renown architecture firm Gensler, which has since completed hundreds of utilization projects worldwide. While serving a growing list of evidence-driven clients, FacilityQuest has continued to partner with Gensler, helping it’s clients understand the utilization of their facilities. We now offer a broad range of solutions to facilities managers and design professionals.

What Our customers say

"I've been using FQ for over 2 years and it's been a vital tool for my work. The set up is very quick and easy. The real-time view of the data collected allows us to monitor whether observers are collecting the data correctly and we can solve issues immediately. " — Anna S.

"Great features and customer experience (The ability to customize the data collection interface according to the project needs. Live tracking of data collection and continuous upgrades)" — Jose L.

"Quick, easy, with very responsive staff/help. The team on the back end of facility quest is very responsive, and are able to work with me on a limited schedule to make custom arrangements/features for the app. " — Carlos H.