About us

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Making places better makes people happier and more productive. Start with understanding how spaces are used.

Facilities managers, architects, space planners, and designers do the amazing hard work to keep up with workforce changes and create the future of the workplace.

But in a data-driven world, how do you keep up with your data technology needs? That’s where we shine. FacilityQuest guides you through collecting, managing, and analyzing data for your facilities. For whatever you need. Starting from wherever you are.  

And speaking of data needs, it just makes sense to illustrate your facilities data with photos. Lots of photos. Or light up a floor plan to see where to find the stuff you’re looking for, like furniture assets. Or prove how often your spaces are actually used with occupancy statistics. Pin all this data and more to floor plans or schematics. With experience developing enterprise solutions for over 30 years, our success begins with smart data management, web apps, and mobile apps, and really takes off with our focus on hitting your objectives.

Since 2011, FacilityQuest has partnered with internationally-renown architecture firm Gensler, helping it’s clients understand the utilization of their facilities. We now offer a broad range of solutions to facilities managers and design professionals. Get to know us!