You need to track the maintenance and effectiveness of energy systems. You want a quick, light solution that allows data and photos to be gathered with a mobile device, and without a lot of follow-up management.

Snap photos, take notes, update maintenance schedules, and drop it all on to a floor plan with the touch of a finger or a digital pen.

Walk around gathering data an­­d photos

  • Your photos, notes, and data automatically upload to a cloud repository.
  • Fan out with your team to gather data on many spaces during short site visits. Survey data is captured with context (time, surveyor ID, etc.).
  • Data capture is supported without Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Report on status

  • Building managers can see reports on maintenance history
  • Assessment teams can report on recommended or required corrective actions.

Integrate external data; add modules

  • Import and merge spreadsheet, sensor, or headcount data.
  • Expand workplace management to gather rooms and spaces documentation, show desk and asset assignments, gather space utilization data.
  • Conduct occupant surveys that utilize photo responses.