Change Management Gets Help From Occupant Photo Surveys

And change management with workplace occupants just got an app!

FacilityQuest published a white paper today on how to get photo feedback from employees and building occupants, on their experience of a space or workplace.  We wrote this paper with much input from Victoria Mayer, a workplace design strategist at Gensler who has used various ways of gathering such feedback, and most recently worked with us to fine-tune our CameraJournal solution over the course of three projects.

As the name implies, CameraJournal focuses the participant on gathering photos to answer survey questions, such as “where are you most productive?” And then makes it easy to add notes that put context and meaning around the photos.  Gensler has been doing various forms of photo surveys for years, but the logistics were costly.

I know that overcoming the logistic battles of gathering this type of feedback and keeping all of the data elements together is important because the payoff is important. As proof, for two of these projects, we gathered our own feedback from the volunteers. Here’s just one quote, and the white paper has many more:

“I would recommend the process to the rank and file employee who usually doesn’t get heard on these sorts of things. This is a great visual avenue to get your opinions considered for a major change upcoming for [us].”

Change management may be one of the important differentiators that architecture firms have to offer. We’re seeing it show up already on websites and in offerings. The worldwide economy has tasted the promise of “intelligence” from the tsunami of data that technology now gathers. But data only delivers intelligence when asked the right questions, and the right questions are not always answered objectively. We are learning that people matter, their voices matter, and they have wisdom to offer.

If you take a look at the paper and see something of value, we’d appreciate it if you would let us know in a comment, or share it with someone. Thanks.

Change Management Gets Help From Occupant Photo Surveys [White Paper]