Photo Documentation Collections

Visual data is powerful as documentation. Photos are an easy grab, but tedious to manage after they’re captured: getting them off the camera and onto a shared and secured site, cross-referencing them with the proper context data, and keeping the data together and normalized. 

The larger the project, the greater the challenge, burden, and risk.

Photos as data are most powerful when related with other types of data (notes, locations, tags, etc.).

Large or complex projects can attempt to incorporate hundreds, if not thousands, of photos. Then, once photos are gathered and processed, can they be searched, sorted, and pivoted, along with the rest of the data.

FacilityQuest optimizes gathering of photos along with other data simultaneously, uploading automatically to cloud storage, and offering admin tools for search, analysis, and reporting.

  • Our iOS app has an intuitive standard interface, but can run a survey that is customized for your project
  • We’ll help you design your survey, as a list of questions with one answer each, OR as multiple answers to one standard question, or something else!
  • Each answer can include photos, voice-transcribed notes, structured fields, and pick-lists to help standardize the capture of your data
  • All data is also associated with the surveyor ID, date/time, and other admin functions

Contact us with your photo data challenge, and with no commitment we’ll help you propose a cost-effective solution for your project.