Workplace behavior Scenarios

A survey asking employees directly about their habits, needs, and preferences offers insight that complements objective observation data.

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Where people work

Learn the patterns of WHERE people work, even when they are out of the office. Are they out-and-about getting work done? Focused on a computer at their desk? Gauge the culture, the need for change, and the need for change management.

How people Collaborate

It’s not about how much time is spent in meetings. Ask instead what they are trying to accomplish together. Is it a report-out on goals? Call it “alignment.” Is it sharing creativity to come up with a solution? Call it “development.” Different types of collaboration call for different behavior patterns and can be supported with different resources.

What tools people use

Technology is always changing. What was then “the next big thing” is now gathering dust. What people spend most of their time on might need some valuable fresh attention.