Occupancy and Time Utilization Studies

FacilityQuest helps answer key questions that lead to maximizing real estate investment and productivity:

“Is there assigned dedicated space for individual work that is underused? “

“What makes employees most productive?”

“Do they need creative, collaborative workspaces? Quiet focus time?


FacilityQuest overview1


Utilization shown as a heat map


An introduction to gathering, managing, and instant reporting on observation data.

Data visualizations and route maps for FacilityQuest time utilization studies

Time Utilization Data presented in Tableau

Scope your Project!

Use this worksheet to evaluate the requirements and options for running time utilization studies. This checklist assumes the use of ActivityAnalysis device apps and the FacilityQuest Web-based admin services. If you choose to send us your answers, we will e-mail you an estimate of costs associated with each requirement.


Data Gathering

Set up surveys online for multiple buildings, different floors, or different sites. Record activities, equipment, and participants.

Collect DataManage observers efficiently with remote survey administration, mobile device apps, cloud data storage, and wireless communication. ActivityAnalysis optimizes data gathering so that more locations can be observed more reliably per hour and per observer.

  • On-site survey teams use hand-held devices pre-loaded with routes, observation stops, and easy data options to choose from for each stop
  • On-device forms capture occupancy data, primary activity, sound and images, and bundles them with context data (time, notes, surveyor ID, etc.),
  • Device apps automatically upload survey data to a project database when network access is available, or stores it securely until it is.

route map

Hosted Tech

Observation studies gather reliable samples of objective data to reveal patterns and insights not obtainable with self-reporting surveys, sensors, or other data gathering methods.

Manage the uncertainties. You can’t always rely on getting onto a private Wi-Fi network at the survey site, and what happens when the survey extends across multiple networks? With Activity Analysis, your data is saved locally until it can be securely uploaded.

  • No need to touch the customer’s network
  • No need for data plans on devices
  • A survey administrator remotely monitors data collection in real time, to pre-empt inconsistencies or errors

Data Management

Collect data consistently. Using FacilityQuest ensures standardized data collection over time and across multiple locations. Survey observation teams use mobile devices pre-loaded with the FacilityQuest data capture application

  • Observation teams stream data to the  FacilityQuest online database or capture it offline and upload later
  • Observation teams can be recruited and managed by you, your clients or FacilityQuest

Review and manage raw data, fix data errors.

  • View real-time data as it is uploaded from any location worldwide
  • Monitor survey progress from your desktop or mobile device
  • Check for inconsistencies and make adjustments as needed while the survey is still being conducted
  • Fix observer errors easily, such as choosing an incorrect route

raw data

Instant Analysis

Take advantage of standard time utilization intelligence! Use the Instant Analysis reports as a first step towards your own custom analysis, and confidently compare consistent data across studies and over time.

  • Import and compare datasets such as badge data to gather additional insights
  • Three dimensional data analysis allow you to query your research from every view point.
  • Modify and save any of the standard reports, or do your own custom analysis with our query tools. Download a case study on observation data analytics


Present Findings

FacilityQuest makes it easy to gain insights from your data, and then to quickly share your findings. Here are some of your many options:

  • Run one of more than 40 “instant” built-in reports at any time, even before the study finishes
  • Present your findings in a web “slide show” to anyone anywhere with a web link
  • Export data subsets based on data views
  • Export a full dataset to XLSX (spreadsheet) format for any additional analysis
  • Connect easily to Tableau (see a quick Tableau how-to movie)
  • Combine survey data with building data from other sources, such as badge data