CameraJournal for Occupant Engagement

surveyScreen“I liked going around and taking pictures. It was not that big of a commitment. My favorite part was feeling like I had a voice to share my thoughts and feedback on our workspace.”


Through the Eyes of your Occupants…

Illustrate for decision makers what the occupants see and feel about their physical environment.

Tell the subjective story that complements the objective data (e.g. from utilization studies).



Evaluate for Productivity

A redesign must improve productivity. So ask your most valuable resources, your people, about what works… and what doesn’t.

A building’s occupants know the best time to grab afocus room. The hidden spot to focus and get work done. The favorite area for meeting a colleague.

Gather Visual Data

If a survey asks “rate how well you like your desk,” the answer always reduces down to some version of “It’s OK.”

But ask “show us your favorite places to work” and you open up a new world. Collect THAT information.

Make it easy for occupants to show how they use spaces, to document what works and what doesn’t. CameraJournal uses web and mobile device apps to “crowdsource” photos from your building’s occupants, gathered with clarifying notes and contextual data, to powerfully capture insights and inform your redesign.

From a CameraJournal volunteer:

CJ photos and notes4I really enjoyed being able to share unique places and their importance.  For instance, one of the questions led me to take a photo of the parking lot because it is my absolute least favorite spot in the office, I don’t think I would have ever thought about the parking lot as a part of the office without the ability of taking photos. 

“Through the use of the photos it also opened up dialogue about the photos that others were taking – I loved the collaborative process and idea sharing that this created.

Manage Change

People distrust change they can’t influence or don’t understand, and their resistance or frustration often needs managing.

What if you could bring building occupants into the solution? CameraJournal opens up win-win solutions for capturing an insider’s view of evolution or transformation.

From a CameraJournal volunteer: “I would recommend the process to the rank and file employee who usually doesn’t get heard on these sorts of things.  This is a great visual avenue to get your opinions considered for a major upcoming change” 

A CameraJournal project doesn’t require paid data gatherers. CameraJournal manages the campaign and brings all stakeholders into a fun and transparent process. Whether you want feedback from 5 or 500 or 5,000 respondents, CameraJournal helps execute the campaign.

The Process…

Recruit occupant volunteers to join the study

Participating occupants download an app for their smart phone, which prompts them to answer a list of questions about places in the building that they use, such as “Where are you most productive?”

Gather subjective and visual feedback

The core answer to each question is a photo. Each question also asks for opinions as notes to explain the photos. Simple, quick, and satisfying for the participants!

Search, analyze, and report with Web-based data

The photos and accompanying documentation automatically uploads to a database. The collected information—a searchable library of photos and data—is viewed, queried, and managed via Web admin pages.

Manage the campaign, encourage and guide participants

Send emails or texts to participants directly from the CameraJournal admin portal to encourage participation, change deadlines, or clarify expectations.

Encourage participants by inviting them to see photos by their colleagues, or promise access to all project photos on completion of their own survey.

Report on the results

Use the built-in presentation web pages to show management and/or participants, either while the project is ongoing, or after the campaign completion.

Then, to create formal report deliverables, export the data into zipped folders for each question. The export offers an easy directory structure for importing to your PowerPoint or InDesign presentation.