Scope your Project

Use this worksheet to evaluate the requirements and options for running observation/time utilization studies. This checklist assumes the use of ActivityAnalysis device apps and Web-based admin services. If you choose to send us your answers, we will e-mail you a range of costs associated with each section.

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Occupancy Study Parameters

The study will haveobserved rooms/spaces.

Spaces are typically private offices, cubicles, conference rooms, social or support spaces. An observer can record data for 150 to 300 spaces in an hour, depending on distances between spaces, stairs, etc. A project could have from 150 spaces to thousands.

My observation study will repeat each work day forweeks.

The weeks might be consecutive, to ensure overall averages, or they may be months apart, to compare usage in different seasons.

This data is optional but increases opportunity for analysis, potentially answering why certain spaces are more or less utilized, for instance.

Managing Observers

Observers usually walk a route in an hour or less, and repeat the route on the hour for all business hours (e.g. 9am, 10a, 11am… 5pm). This is a temporary full time role to be performed by reliable, physically able workers typically paid about 50-100% above minimum wage.

Analyzing Data

Requirements for custom data analysis and reporting (in addition to or instead of standard reports):


If you would like to discuss more options for your study, or to see cost estimates, send us your scoping information and we will get back to you.

Notes or questions:


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