site-visit-pin-dataWalk around gathering photos and notes

Using any mobile device, quickly gather as-used photos, explanatory notes, and tags to document spaces. Pin them to a floor plan, a map, a sketch, or even a contextual photo. Grab what you observe. Supplement with more data later, if needed. 

It’s so natural you can recruit others to help document, or even learn from their understanding of the pace. Remotely monitor data as it is collected in real time, to pre-empt inconsistencies or ensure completeness.

Virtually revisit spaces

Site visits are limited, and so is our memory of them.

Browse the spaces with your team to remember details captured in photos. Add notes and tags as needed to refine the documentation.

Search and report on your database of spaces using your tags, or on any text. Export to spreadsheet and zip files as needed.

Link to more data for awesome situational awareness!

Know even more about what is going on in your spaces. When you need it, your SiteVisit data will integrate with FacilityQuest workplace management, time utilization studies data, and badge data analysis.

  • Ask us about the possibilities for data-driven space intelligence with our observations-based Time Utilization Studies (TUS) solution ActivityAnalysis.
  • Add the Workplace Management module that layers on occupant assignments, asset tracking, and manages moves, adds, and changes.
  • Get our help to merge your SiteVisit data with sensor or badge data.

Give Site Visit a test drive…

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