Understand spaces

Making places better makes people better. And you can only impact a place when you understand it’s current reality. “Out-of-date” is the same as nothing.

So start fresh and gather as-used notes and photos easily with any mobile device, pinned to any floor plan or map graphic as a place reference. 

Put people on the map

Add people, roles, and functions to the space data. See the gaps and the opportunities with reports that help to make better business decisions.

Track Assets

Many assets that FMs are asked to track don’t easily fit with traditional inventory systems. Take systems furniture as an example. How do you define and track the parts and pieces, especially when an individual work space shares walls with other work spaces? Use FacilityQuest to visually identify “the whole” with photos and notes, and then document the “sum of the parts” as an inventory worksheet in a connected view.

Manage moves/adds/changes

Adds and changes often involve a coordinated effort from a diverse team from facilities, IT, the help desk, a move management company and customer service staff. Shifting groups of workers can be complicated and expensive. WorkPlace offers simplified move management reporting and workflow for both single-person and large, company-wide moves.

Give Workplace a test drive…

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