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Observe and measure
workplace Utilization.

Then Optimize with data-driven Strategies.

For Architecture and Interior Design

Build trust and communication with evidence-based design


A data-gathering study leads to greater client trust, deeper design conversations and improved employee buy-in to workplace changes. Evidence-based design builds a business case for larger workplace design projects.

"Is the utilization of conference rooms really as high as they say?"

Perception vs. reality. Before design, even before programming, take a quantitative look at space. See how raw data turns into useful information and insights.

Gather quantitative space and activity data to support qualitative data gathered during interviews, focus groups or surveys.

"We need to prove that large conference rooms are mostly being used by 1-2 people."

Support space optimization and planning decisions with utilization data that shows “how many people doing what activities in each space type.” 

Usage data offers a comparison with industry benchmarks and best practices.

"We want to propose more team space and some hot desks, but culturally it won't fly until we can prove how underutilized the workstations are."

"Culture eats strategy for lunch." But utilization data can help challenge the status quo by showing that space will deliver more value when put to a different use. Evidence-based design builds a business case for programming options and alternative  workplace strategies.

Then, armed with the truth, a data-gathering study leads to deeper sales conversations.

Show effectiveness of design: compare before-and-after data of workplace utilization and activities. A good data-driven story communicates powerfully to your next potential customer.

I’ve been using FacilityQuest for over 2 years and it’s been a vital tool for my work. The set up is very quick and easy.

”The real-time view of the data collected allows us to monitor whether observers are collecting the data correctly and we can solve issues immediately.
— Anna S.
— workplace strategist

For Workplace Strategy



Does our workplace support the way people work now?

Identify space challenges and opportunities

Demonstrate how employees engage with the workplace

Identify different space needs by business unit, department or team

Analyze space allocation by business unit, department or team

Our workplace is out of date!

Optimize the workplace to meet current usage and improve productivity

Compare activity and utilization before and after workplace changes

FM software doesn’t meet our needs

Your data, for your purposes. Walk around with a mobile device to collect or update data, and see it all instantly in context on floor plans.

VISUALS: Floor plans, annotations, photos, heat maps

ATTRIBUTES: room types, area calculations

CALCULATED METRICS to see the balance of resources for focused work and collaboration spaces

Gather activity data

Gather statistically valid use data with hourly activity tracking in a 1-2 week study, OR just grab data on the go as you pass through space to get a fast measure of occupant demand. Even small-batch data can show patterns and help to communicate the need for a more formal study.

See dashboard reports light up with analysis; narrow analytics to your own areas of interest.

Look for utilization patterns on interactive floor plans.

Interpreted analytics can show where there are opportunities for new unassigned seating, and hint at appropriate ratios.

Explore utilization by hour of the day. Colors reflect your definition of "heat" and range of occupancy.

Great features and customer experience. I have the ability to customize the data collection interface according to the project needs.
— Jose L.
Ratio of Informal
Meeting Rooms to
Assigned Seats is 1 : 137

Ratio of Open
Collaboration Spaces to
Assigned Seats is 1 : 8
— Dashboard intelligence

For Corporate Real Estate Planning

Inform Real Estate Decisions with Real Occupant Demand


"How much space should we project for our next lease?"

An increasingly mobile workforce is now leaving up to 60% of the workplace underutilized. Gather occupancy data before negotiating a lease to know what is true for a specific space.

Data from a utilization study will confirm a company's current use patterns, and highlight difference between departments and teams.

Then, in a new space, the utilization data provides insights into not just occupancy, but activities in those spaces. The data can inform a new workplace strategy that serves the modern workforce more effectively.

"We’re out of space for our growing headcount."

The data from a utilization study will show how space is actually used by employees. If desks, offices, and meeting rooms haven't changed much in the past few years, chances are good that new strategies for workplace design can accommodate higher headcount, and thus buy some time before more space is needed. 

"We have a corporate mandate to reduce operations costs."

Align real estate strategy with business strategy. If headcount is not changing much, understanding how space is used can help consolidate a real estate portfolio, or shift to areas where employees want to be.

An "office vs. workstation" comparative analysis,  work mode analysis (how people work) and mobility analysis (where people work) will help drive big real estate decisions forward with confidence. 


For Building operations & Facilities Management


Workplace and infrastructure Documentation

Use FacilityQuest for general property condition surveys, condition assessments, or environmental site assessments. 

Upload any PDF or JPG file of a floor plan to get started. Even a photo of an emergency exit floor plan or a sketch can serve as a starting point to provide context for the images and data you add next.

Create markers on floor plans to identify either a room/space or a piece of equipment. Then walk around and take photos that automatically upload to those markers.

Document rooms and spaces with attributes such as room type, area estimates, department assignment, tags, and notes. Markup plans with color-coded areas or labels. 

Document equipment by uploading documentation PDFs. Track maintenance with scheduled events.

Monitor and Manage Performance

Access your plans on the go with any connected device, making it easy to add missing attributes or update photos as you pass through space.

See instantly on dashboards how space is allocated between individual and collaborative space types. See ratios of collaboration space to individual focus work.

Connect to equipment performance data (IoT) and monitor results on floor plans as heat maps.

Connect to badge data or room reservations and show utilization results on floor plans.



FacilityQuest on tablet.png

Facilities managers, workplace strategists, architects, space planners, and designers do the amazing hard work to keep up with workforce changes and create the future of the workplace.

In a data-driven world, we guide you through collecting, managing, and analyzing data for your facilities. For whatever you need. Starting from wherever you are.  

And speaking of data needs, it just makes sense to document your facilities with photos. Lots of photos. Or light up a floor plan to see where to find the stuff you’re looking for, like furniture assets. Or prove how often your spaces are actually used with occupancy statistics. Pin all this data and more to floor plans or schematics. With experience developing enterprise solutions for over 30 years, our success begins with smart data management, web apps, and mobile apps, and really takes off with our focus on hitting your objectives.

Since 2011, FacilityQuest has partnered with internationally-renown architecture firm Gensler, helping it’s clients understand the utilization of their facilities. We now offer a broad range of solutions to facilities managers and design professionals. Get to know us!

Slide Through Utilization  By Hour-Of-Day

Dive into the dashboard to customize any analytic. Filter by department, space type, activity, etc.


Facilityquest Utilization  studies

One-time space utilization projects to gather data for pre-design or master planning.

One week from 'green light' to GO.

One-stop-shop for full analysis, OR do-it-yourself for evidence-based decision making.

FacilityQuest Workplace Management

No appetite for heavyweight IWMS or CAFM systems and their fees? Collect the data you need, pin it to floor plans, then show heat maps and analytics to support your goals. IoT data, photos, space attributes, and utilization stats are always at hand and easily updated. 



We partner with architecture firms, CRE professionals, furniture distributors, workplace consultants to help you offer a data-driven and visual story that your clients can believe in.  


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