MEASURE HOW SPACE IS USED with Utilization Studies

Activity Analysis


How many meeting spaces do we have? How many square feet is that? What is our ratio of collaboration to focus-work spaces? How do our meeting rooms and open spaces get used throughout the day? By how many people, doing what activities? When does demand exceed availability?

The need for new workplace strategies grows as changes in the workforce accelerates. 

Support space planning decisions with utilization data that shows “how many people doing which activities in what type of spaces.”

“Work styles” analysis starts with knowing statistically and specifically where employees get work done: at their desk, in meetings, or somewhere else. 

Understanding (and showing) employee mobility offers opportunity for alternative workplace strategies.

Workplace performance: a fast start Solution

Answer questions quickly. FacilityQuest is where you gather data about space: activity and utilization metrics, change management surveys, photos, IoT sensor feeds...  

See data visually. Quickly find data layered on floor plans, on heat maps, one space at a time or aggregated across a department. 


  • With no software for you to learn, FacilityQuest gathers floor plans and existing data from you.

  • We visually document the spaces you care about, layering it all on floor plans (and we’ll work with you to fill any gaps).

  • On a dashboard, you instantly see allocations of space, and can compare meeting spaces with focused work areas, for instance.

  • We set up your utilization studies or surveys, and manage every step of the process.

  • After data collection, we help you understand the heat maps and reports, and send you customized analysis that informs your decision-making.